Never before has a pop venue been so blown away by a brass band as it was by Gallowstreet at Honk! in Paradiso…mixing hip-hop and house with a punk attitude…Gallowstreet adds a dose of club culture to the second line tradition of New Orleans…an unforgettable set. –NRC Handelsblad

Gallowstreet, the Dutch brass band with an attitude. Hailing from the Galgenstraat in Amsterdam they have refined their sound through the course of 4 albums.

A decade of innovating brass music. Gallowstreet has been up and at it. This squad of dedicated musicians from Amsterdam has been proving its worth at festivals and clubs both in the Netherlands and abroad. Armed with 7 horn players and 1 drummer the band employs a wide range of musical genres to tell stories with their compositions, most of them beat driven, all of them with anthemic quality.

Gallowstreet has proven to be a big inspiration for the emerging European Brass Band scene: “la reference du brass band Europeenne”, someone comments on one of the band’s many Youtube clips for their last album Laaglands. A reference point for musicians that look to the band for inspiration. There’s no week that goes by without a video of one of the songs being covered by young enthusiastic brass bands from around the globe. Their songs have seen re-arrangements for a wide range of ensembles and Gallowstreet has been a consistent source of inspiration for other bands.

With “A Trip Worth Making” the Gallowstreet crew reflects on their communal journey and revisits the challenges, opportunities and celebrations they’ve had along the way, both as a group and as individual musicians. It is a culmination of the sound they’ve developed throughout the years, effectively using ready-to-sing-along anthems, intelligently orchestrated drops and builds and emotionally laden riffs to build an album that delivers some of the heaviest brass music the world has ever heard.

With shows on Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, Bout Du Monde, in Algeria, Slowakia and Turkey and sold out clubshows in the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam and the legendary New Morning in Paris the band is a well-traveled, seasoned ensemble that knows the crack of the whip when it comes to playing big shows for large crowds.